January 10, 2014

healthy options

Here I go again, after the holidays and all the rich high-calorie foods, trying my best to eat healthier and exercise more :-) I also find myself craving uncomplicated and lighter meals but still satisfying such as these beef and vegetable rolls. They always come to my mind whenever I have leftover beef steak or roast. I like to have a stack of Thai or Vietnamese rice paper wrappers which are so handy to have. They're delicate when dry but can easily be soaked in warm water to soften. The fillings may vary depending on the vegetables preferred. I like to use a colorful combination of thinly julienned carrots, red bell peppers and cucumbers, some lettuce and rice noodles. Some thinly sliced scrambled eggs may also be added to the filling for these Asian Beef Rolls, shown below.

A sweet and sour vinaigrette with rice vinegar and sweet chili or sriracha sauce makes the perfect dip for the rolls. However, another popular version with a mixture of hoisin and sriracha sauce may appeal to those who prefer more intense flavors.

You can't go wrong with a platter of grilled or roasted vegetables as shown below. I used our handy and convenient grill pan to cook some of our favorite vegetables like eggplant, yellow zucchini and portobello mushrooms. Lightly season them with salt and pepper then brush with olive oil just before cooking.

A combination of Greek yogurt, feta cheese and oregano made a healthy Mediterranean-inspired dip or dressing. Leftover grilled vegetables are great tossed in with pasta and also for bruschetta or other flatbreads. Here's to another year of ideas and inspirations for healthy eating!

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