March 10, 2014

seaplane to Fort Jefferson

Shown in the photos above (1) our seaplane parked on the beach :-) the Key West Seaplane Adventure charter to Fort Jefferson was an unforgettable experience (2) aerial view of Fort Jefferson at the Dry Tortugas National Park (3) walking path along the interior walls (4) just one of the many cannon displays (5) the moat walking path (6) clear and warm water makes it ideal for swimming and snorkelling (7) view from the top of the walls (8) archways inside the fort (9) amazing view of the sea from the second level or tier awaits anyone who seeks a quiet moment of solitude (10) shells and corals are preserved and plentiful by the beach (11) signage by entrance.

Thanks to my husband, I've been introduced to many old Spanish and US forts and together we've visited a few over the years. If not for him, I would probably not even be interested to visit :-) but I'm glad I did. In general, they're all impressive but I have to say, I was overwhelmed by the sight of Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas National Park and it's definitely worth visiting.

Key West Seaplane Adventure office and planes (above)

It was my first seaplane ride and I was most thrilled experiencing the landing and take-off right on the water. We had an amazing day just exploring the fort and walking along the moat. This will be noted as one of the most enjoyable and memorable excursions we're ever done.

the lighthouse (shown above)
two ways to get there - by seaplane or by ferry boat
Aside from sailing on a private yacht or boat with a special permit, there are two other ways to get there. The 10-seater seaplane charter to the Dry Tortugas got us there much earlier (the flight was just 35 minutes) than the ferry so it was the best option for us. We did the half day tour and we had the privilege of touring the fort when it was most quiet. More info may be found at the Key West Seaplane Adventure official website.

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