March 1, 2014

semolina cake

I got inspired to make this cake while watching a travel show filmed in Dubai featuring traditional Middle Eastern desserts. The cakes and other sweets all glistened with syrup and looked so beautiful with pistachios and almonds. It was enough temptation for me to start hunting for the recipes. 

sweet semolina cake was perfect with afternoon tea

I recently bought some fine semolina from King Arthur FLour primarily for pasta but I thought there must be other recipes I can make with it. I have a weakness for all kinds of cake and semolina cake sounds great. I found many recipes online but this particular one caught my attention. The cardamom spice in the cake and the rosewater syrup that was poured over the warm cake took it to another level. It's very unique with more complex flavors which I like.

grinding the cardamom in a mortar and pestle, pouring the rosewater syrup over the warm cake

Thanks to Cooking Melangery blog for this recipe for Cardamom Semolina Cake with Rosewater Syrup. I can't wait to try to make a version of it, perhaps with ground pistachios mixed into the cake batter and sprinkled on top.

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