May 3, 2014

birthday burgers and fries

I asked my husband what he wanted me to cook for him for his recent birthday. Usually he would just say that it doesn't really matter but surprisingly this year, like a little kid :-) he specifically requested for one of his all-time favorite meals, hamburgers and fries, and for dessert, brazo de mercedes (which he really liked). Hamburgers and French fries made from scratch at home are always a special treat for us and I was just delighted to make them for him to celebrate his special day this year.

favorite extra burger toppings on the side ~ crispy bacon slices and sauteed mushrooms
from oven to table ~ freshly baked hamburger buns

birthday celebration table setting :-)

Shown clockwise above, date bars (or Food for the Gods) in covered cake plate, brazo de mercedes, 
lettuce-tomato-cucumber slices, beef patties with crispy bacon slices and sauteed mushrooms, 
French fries and hamburger buns all set and ready to eat :-)