June 11, 2014

bibimbap ~ Korean mixed rice

This may not be the most authentic bibimbap since I didn't really have the complete ingredients but I tried my best to make up with the presentation :-) Bibimbap is a well-known Korean mixed rice dish. It usually consists of meat and sauteed vegetables then topped with egg. I find the concept very appealing as I've always liked traditional rice dishes like Spanish paella, Southern red beans and rice and many more. My bibimbap version had corn kernels, chopped shitake mushrooms, sliced kale (which I substituted for the spinach), julienned carrots, green and red bell peppers. The dried shitake mushrooms may be soaked overnight. All the vegetables were sauteed in a little sesame and vegetable oil. The colorful mix of vegetables looked quite appetizing arranged on top of the rice. Raw egg may be mixed in with the hot rice but I made fried egg instead, with the yolk still a bit runny. The rice dish may also be transfered and served in a heavy cast iron skillet, then heated over low fire until the underside gets lightly toasted and forms a crust. Just before serving, I sprinkled toasted sesame seeds and sliced green onions for garnish and additional flavor. Mix the steamed rice, the vegetable toppings and the egg together before eating. Serve with kimchi, hot sauce or sriracha if desired.

For the most flavorful bibimbap meat (shown above), I marinated thinly sliced beef with finely chopped ginger, lots of chopped garlic, soy sauce, a little sesame oil and ground pepper. The beef was very aromatic so I thought it was best to pan-fry them outdoors using our handy electric wok. I fried the beef until well-browned and crispy.

my wok set-up at our screened sunroom :-)


  1. Will try the beef recipe for my bulgogi.

    1. Bulgogi sounds good :-) I'm also interested in other Korean specialties with noodles and vegetables. Thanks!