June 1, 2014

summer salads

As the summer heat continues to become unbearable outside, there are days when we like to stay cool by doing less cooking. Here are a few refreshing salad ideas to welcome the summer season. Shown above, the addition of quinoa to this antipasto platter along with roasted asparagus, eggs and pickled beets, turned this salad into a healthier and well-balanced meal good for any day of the week.

Crunchy chicken salad with shredded oven-roasted or boiled chicken breast, green leaf or romaine lettuce, carrot strips, thinly sliced cucumbers, canned chickpeas (drained well) and red onions. Other favorite additions like bacon bits, toasted nuts and sunflower seeds may also be sprinkled on top just before serving.

Always refreshing, these summer rolls may have all kinds of meat and vegetable filling combinations. The more colorful, the better :-) Slice them thinly then cut into strips and toss together. Rice papers (sold in Asian markets imported from Thailand or Vietnam) are always to handy to have in the pantry. Soaked in lukewarm water for a few seconds until they become pliable, they make the ideal wrappers for the vegetables.


  1. Thanks for sharing your summer salads. Will surely add to my weekly menu.

    1. Welcome back aG! Your green salad buffet with Caesar's dressing is still the best! I try to make that sometimes. Thanks :-)