December 8, 2014

2014 holiday travels

It has been a busy holiday season for me. We spent a lovely Thanksgiving weekend with my husband's family for a yearly traditional family gathering. As soon as we got back home, I just had three days to do chores and other errands before I left again for Memphis to visit my aunt and uncle. It was also a good opportunity for me to see my brother before he left for Manila.

a few of my aunt's colorful Christmas decorations

a cute elf holding an apple garland
As soon as I got there, my aunt, with the help of my cousin, got busy decorating the house for a potluck dinner with her close friends. It was also a farewell party for a special guest, a well-known singer from the Philippines, who graced this year's Fil-Am Christmas Ball in Memphis. We had fun preparing for the party as well as meeting the special guest that evening. We were not informed that she's a dedicated vegan, so her options were limited, but the other guests were quite pleased with the menu.

As shown above, we had Christmas ham, pandesal (Filipino dinner rolls), whole wheat challah bread with sliced queso de bola (aged edam cheese popular in the Philippines during the Christmas season), a healthy salad assortment with quinoa, legumes and vegetables from Whole Foods (brought by one of the guests), my version of chop suey (chicken and vegetable stir-fry), crispy springroll wrappers drizzled with honey (my cousin's specialty) and fresh fruits on the dessert table. It was a happy event with family and friends.

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