May 1, 2015

a birthday request

This was the second time my husband requested burgers and fries for his birthday. I was just happy to make his favorite birthday meal again this year. Ordering burgers and fries from the nearest burger joint in town may be the most convenient option, but we really prefer making them at home.

birthday meal set-up
For the burgers, I like to use lean ground beef mixed with minced mushrooms and onions. To make them tastier, season with salt, pepper and a little worcestershire sauce. It may not be traditional to season the ground beef for the burgers here in the US, but our family in Manila makes burgers this way. Homemade hamburger buns, fries, vegetable and cheese slices completed this make-your-own birthday treat.

Light and fluffy Japanese cheesecake, which I've made a few times before, was his birthday cake this year. I'm glad to finally learn how to make this, thanks to some very informative cooking videos I found on youtube. It was a simple but very enjoyable celebration.

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