August 9, 2005

orange chiffon cake

I will find it impossible to count the number of times I have made this cake or have watched my mother or my sisters-in-law bake this chiffon cake. We have a few variations of this, there's marble ( with chocolate combination ), lemon, mocha & chocolate to name some of our favorites. I have sold a lot of these, sliced and individually-wrapped, in schools and offices. Back in high school, I would take slices of chocolate chiffon version my mother baked to sell to school. I still remember the cost, 50 centavos per slice! Before the flag ceremony in the morning is over, all of it would be gone, my school uniform pocket would be bulging with money & coins. Those chocolate cake slices were a sure hit. Before I left Manila in the late '90s, my sister-in-law helped me sell these chiffon cakes at her workplace. They were also sold out everytime. I remember it was my mother's friend who taught her to bake these cakes. She made so many attempts to perfect it, chiffon cakes take some practice & experience to make. But after many, many very frustrating tries, I must say the hard work paid finally paid off. Now, this is an all ocassion cake in my family but we bake them especially for birthdays. We still make the icing or frosting from scratch. This can also be baked in a 9x13 pan. We usually split the cake in half to make two layers, then we make a mocha custard filling to spread in the center. Frost the cake & decorate. A very memorable cake.


  1. Wow, how did you get the cake to turn out like that? I've made this cake before too using this recipe
    but with a bundt type pan instead (with excellent results). Whenever I use the angel food type pan it comes out uncooked in the middle and does not rise above the top. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  2. Oops.. wrong link, haha.

  3. hi again melissa! i just reviewed the link u sent from epicurious & i must say it's pretty much identical to the one that i use - basic chiffon cake recipe - actually it shrinks a little once you get it out of the oven but still above the rim. i just line the tube pan with wax paper, trimmed to fit the removable bottom, the pan should never be greased as it would prevent proper rising ( the batter will slide off the side of the pan ) then just make sure it's not undercooked - the center usually needs more time to cook, so the tester or toothpick must be inserted in the middle of the cake...hope this helps. thanks again for checking out the site. i'll be posting the mocha chiffon cake recipe soon...happy baking!!