August 8, 2005

vietnamese spring rolls

I still remember when my best friends and I used to have lunch at "Vietnam Food House" in SM Mega Mall. It was one of our favorite restaurants right inside the mall at the 6th floor if I'm not mistaken. We never fail to order these vietnamese spring rolls appetizer. I have since found a good authentic recipe for it in one of HP Books cookbook series, Vietnamese Cooking, sent by my friend in TX. My husband has since ordered me a collection of that particular cookbook series which has now become my favorite recipe source and my husband's obsession ( : Actually we prefer these type of lumpia to the shanghai type. This has more veggies and the dipping sauce is very light compared to the usual sweet and sour sauce. I also like the way it's traditionally eaten, wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves. The ingredients are simple, ground pork or with ground beef combination, finely sliced carrots, sliced black mushrooms, stir-fried together. Let cool, add one beaten egg to the mixture before rolling up using eggroll wrappers. Deep fry & drain well. For the dip, just combine together chopped cilantro, some patis or fish sauce (optional), rice wine vinegar, sugar, warm water, lemon juice or calamansi, if available adds a mild flavor, for that sweet, sour & salty taste. Chopped chilis added to the dip are always good. Try to warm up the water so the sugar will dissolve better. Actually the filling can be made ahead. Nice Asian treat. Although I miss my friends and the nice authentic vietnamese restaurant at Mega Mall, these spring rolls instantly bring me back.

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