September 8, 2005

pan-fried scallops & greek mushrooms

A couple of very quick & easy to make 'tapas' style appetizers. These small size servings are light & tasty. I must admit there are days when it's difficult to decide what to cook for dinner. Sometimes nothing sounds appealing & tastebuds don't seem to be cooperating. That feeling of having cooked the staples all week and dinner menu ideas are running out. Then you know it's time for some 'tapas'...the variety in smaller portions are always light & interesting. Combinations are endless. This is definitely a good alternative. The button mushrooms have a distinct Greek flavor. They're sauteed in some olive oil, deglazed with some good white wine. Crushed coriander seeds are sprinkled over the mushrooms. The scallops are lightly seasoned with salt & pepper, pan-fried in a little olive oil for about 2 minutes each side or until the underside is a delicious golden brown color. They may also be served over some simple & healthy pasta dish to complete an Italian dinner menu. Not too rich, just perfect.

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