February 19, 2008

finally....Bizu macarons!

Bizu Patisserie branch in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

delicate macaron display

an assortment of their macaron best-sellers

assorted truffles

After reading so many excellent reviews online about this French Bakery from Manila foodbloggers, I've been looking forward to the day when I get to experience it. Finally, on one of our shopping trips to Greenhills in San Juan, I was able to check it out. I was so excited to see the shop, so after our pasta lunch at Cibo, we went straight to Bizu Patisserie. The pastries they sell all look so perfect and too pretty to eat, but I had only one mission, to try the macarons. It was actually my first time to try these French macarons and now I agree with all the raves, they were exactly how they described them. Sweet but just right, these cookies are so delicate that they just melt in your mouth. It was worth the wait. My husband bought some of their truffles and they were outstanding too. I particularly like the pistachio truffles. When we got back, I did an extensive research on how to make the macarons. I have ordered some almond flour from Bakers' Catalogue and as soon as I get them, I'm going to take the plunge and try to make macarons. I also found out that there's a French patisserie at a nearby town. One of these days I'm going to visit it to get some more of these addicting sweet treats. I hope this in not the end of my macaron post and the next one, hopefully if successful, will be about those I made myself.


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