September 14, 2009

chile rellenos

In an effort to lighten up this classic Mexican stuffed chiles, I used lean ground beef, dredged them in cornmeal instead of coating with heavy batter and pan fried them in a little olive oil until they were golden brown. The ground beef filling was pre-cooked and mixed with grated cheese, so it was easier and quicker to pan fry. Additional cooked black beans and chopped cilantro may also be added to the filling. I like to pick up poblano chiles for this dish every time I would see some good looking ones at the grocery. This batch I got were so fresh and the ideal size for making rellenos. After rinsing and drying them, I laid them out on a piece of aluminum foil right on top of the cooktop burner. I turned them around as the skins turn black evenly all around. Remove them from the heat then place them in a covered bowl or container. This process makes the skins easier to peel off. Carefully scrape the skins, slit the peppers then remove the seeds. Stuff with the ground beef mixture. Dip in beaten egg, dredge with cornmeal, then pan fry until golden brown. Serve with some hot and spicy salsa or enchilada sauce.

The chile relleno (above) sliced and served with spicy salsa on top.

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