July 16, 2010

tofu appetizer

I got into the habit of buying tofu at the grocery to add to our Asian inspired meals at home. I like to get firm tofu blocks packed in water but I always check the expiration date to be sure. They can be added along with other vegetables to many stir-fry dishes. Aside from that, they also make good appetizers like this one shown in the photo above. This was inspired by a Filipino tofu appetizer that usually goes well with a popular rice porridge or thick soup called goto. It's advisable to slice the tofu then press them in between paper or clean kitchen towels to get rid of excess water. This process will prevent too much splattering when the tofu slices are cooked. Pan-fry them in a little olive or canola oil until both sides are slightly brown. Arrange them on a small plate or bowl then sprinkle with chopped green onions and thin slices of red onion. I also added a few thin slices of habanero pepper. For the dipping sauce, a simple light soy sauce and rice vinegar mixture sprinkled pepper and sliced green onions may be served. For a Japanese style dipping sauce, add some mirin or Japanese sweet wine to the mixture.

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