April 15, 2012

carrot bundt cake

Considering the many times my family in Manila baked this cake for special celebrations, it's surprising why I haven't thought about posting about it until now. There's a basic recipe that my sisters-in-law and I have used and followed for years, but I went to the Joy of Baking website and was inspired to try their carrot cake recipe. The video tutorials are very helpful and informative. For a little twist, I decided to try baking it in a bundt pan and I was happy with the look. A lighter and thinner cream cheese frosting may be drizzled on the cake.

this year's Easter dessert ~ carrot bundt cake

I baked this carrot cake for our Easter dessert. The cake slices, pictured above and below, show that it's loaded with chopped walnuts and grated carrots. I just sprinkled the bundt cake with powdered sugar then served the slices with cream cheese icing on the side.

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