December 25, 2016

our Fil-Am Christmas food

I will always think about Christmas and New Year every time I make and serve these Filipino holiday favorites (shown below) just because they usually make an appearance during the holiday season in the Philippines.

sliced morcon and embutido made good snacks
for Christmas Day - served with a simple
green salad, manchego and brie 

The morcon (beef rolls filled with chorizo, sausage, pickles, hard boiled eggs and carrots) was requested by my husband this year. It was a bit complicated to make but may always be made ahead and kept refrigerated or frozen. Same with the embutido (steamed ground pork with vegetables and other ingredients) which may also be pan-fried before serving. Filipino-Spanish fusion is evident in both of these specialties as with many of our other Filipino holiday dishes.

apple pie before and after baking 

The American side of our Christmas food is shown above :-) Even back in the Philippines, I would bake two apple pies for Christmas using apples imported from China. The China apples were abundant during the holiday season and were not as pricey as US apples. I guess apple pie has always been my personal Christmas tradition :-) I was inspired to do the lattice top by King Arthur Flour's Apple Pie Bakealong Challenge. The step-by-step procedure was easy to follow.


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