February 4, 2017

our 2017 New Year celebration

The idea of fondue for our New Year's eve celebration was welcomed with much enthusiasm by my husband :-) as it has been awhile since we brought out the fondue pot. It usually goes to the back of the cabinet and stays there unseen for months until another special occasion such as this comes along. We're happy to welcome 2017 with a classic fondue dinner!


can't do without this traditional fruit centerpiece 

This small retro appliance - the fondue pot - is something I've never even heard of growing up in Manila. It was only much later through recipe books and magazines that I read and learned about Swiss fondue. In Manila, we often use cheese but it wasn't anything fancy. We like our quick-melt cheese for pasta and the big red ball of imported edam cheese that's also popular during the holiday season. It's funny but I only knew about cheese with holes from watching cartoons when I was a kid :-)

Our table setting (shown above) with three kinds of protein - beef tenderloin, salmon and chicken breast, cut into cubes and chilled until ready to eat. I made three kinds of dipping sauces. We also had some French bread cubes, assorted vegetables and fruits to dip into the melted cheese.

fondue forks

Fondue at home can be labor intensive but everything may be prepared in advance and chilled in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Timing though can be challenging at serving time but it's always enjoyable, fun and a delicious treat!

bread cubes, roasted and fresh vegetables

Cheese fondue (shown above) with the classic fondue cheese Emmentaler.

dipping sauces

electric fondue pot with simmering broth

fruits and chocolates for the dessert fondue

butterscotch dessert fondue

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